Current Issue: 2017

Volume 27, Number 4

Editor-in-Chief:Selçuk Peker
Online ISSN:1019-5149
Frequency:6 issues / year
Turkish Neurosurgery
Surgical Timing for Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review.
Neuronavigation-Assisted Aspiration and Electro-Acupuncture for Hypertensive Putaminal Hemorrhage: A Suitable Technique on Hemiplegia Rehabilitation.
Vagal Ischemia Induced Lung Immune Component Infarct Following Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: An Experimental Study.
Association Between Brain Venous Drainage, Cerebral Aneurysm Formation and Aneurysm Rupture.
Neuroprotective Effects of Chronic Fenofibrate Treatment via Modulating the Immunoreactivity of Cleaved Caspase-3 in Stroke Induced by Transient Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Rat Model.
Predictors of Track Test Performance in Drivers with Stroke.
Is Chronic Curcumin Supplementation Neuroprotective Against Ischemia for Antioxidant Activity, Neurological Deficit, or Neuronal Apoptosis in an Experimental Stroke Model?.
Transcortical Removal of Third Ventricular Colloid Cysts: Comparison of Conventional, Guided Microsurgical and Endoscopic Approaches and Review of the Literature.
Adult Brainstem Gliomas: Retrospective Analysis of 51 Patients.
Surgical Strategies and Functional Outcome of Intramedullary Cervicomedullary Ependymoma.
Calvarial Reconstruction of Small-Size Skull Defects Performing "8 Cranioplasty" in Children: Surgical Experience, Clinical Results and Treatment Algorithm.
Children with Metopic Ridge.
Platelet Indices in the Diagnosis of Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Infection in Children.
Effects of Atorvastatin on Experimental Spinal Cord Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rabbits.
Morphometric Analysis of Lumbar Disc Space in the Turkish Population and Safe Discectomy Distance in Lumbar Disc Surgery.
Comparison of the Rigid Rod System with Modular Plate with the Finite Element Analysis in Short-Segment Posterior Stabilization in the Lower Lumbar Region.
Lumbosacral Conjoined Root Anomaly: Anatomical Considerations of Exiting Angles and Root Thickness.
Patient Selection and Efficacy of Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy with Respect to the Dallas Discogram Score.
Contribution of Neural Elements to Thoracic Stability.
Preventing Sciatic Nerve Injury due to Intramuscular Injection: Ten-Year Single-Center Experience and Literature Review.
The Effect of Memantine on Functional Recovery of the Sciatic Nerve Crush Injury in Rats.
Nerve Tissue Prefabrication Inside the Rat Femoral Bone: Does It Work?.
Ancient Olfactory Schwannoma - Case Report and Literature Review.
Herpes Zoster Brachial Plexopathy: Direct Steroid Injection.
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Tumors of the Endolymphatic Sac.

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