Turkish Neurosurgery
Ligamentum Flavum Buckling Causing immediate Post-operative neurologic deterioration after an Anterior Cervical Discectomy: a case report.
Mohammad Taghvaei1, Keyvan Tayebi Meybodi1, Mehdi Zeinalizadeh1
1Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Department of Neurological surgery, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran,
2Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Brain and Spinal Injury Research Center (BASIR), Imam Khomeini Hospital , Tehran,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.17403-16.1

Neurological injury is a potential complication of anterior cervical discectomy (ACDF). Iatrogenic trauma, hypoxic-ischemic damage during surgery or epidural hematoma could cause neurologic deterioration after surgery. This is the first case being reported of neurologic deterioration after an anterior cervical discectomy due to ligamentum flavum buckling. The case illustrated an uncommon cause of cord compression after ACDF. Therefore, ligamentum flavum buckling should be considered as one of the potential causes for acute neurologic deterioration after an anterior cervical discectomy. While keeping this rare complication in mind, obtaining a quick post-operative imaging seems mandatory in early detection and establishing an appropriate management.

Corresponding author : Mehdi Zeinalizadeh