Turkish Neurosurgery
Phantom Radicular Pain Treated with Lumbar Microdiscectomy: A Case Report
1Nörospinal Akademi, Neurosurgery, istanbul,
2Koç Univesity, Neurosurgery, istanbul,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.19768-16.1

Phantom limb pain in amputee patients is not well defined in the literature. Also there is still no clear information on the definition and treatment of phantom radicular pain, in which amputee patients also have radicular pain. This phenomenon, called phantom radiculitis or phantom radiculopathy, has been described in a limited number of cases. If a pathological condition to cause radicular pain is present in patients with amputee, the phantom pain\'s degree is increasing. Degenerative disc diseases are the most common cause of phantom radicular pain. Spinal injections can be used to control pain. Surgical treatment can be performed when pain control can not be achieved. The phantom radicular pain of the patient is expected to improve after surgical or algological treatment and if there is phantom pain before that it is expected to descend to those levels.We will present and discuss them in the context of a rare case of which was threated by lumbar microdiscectomy.

Corresponding author : Ahmet ÖĞRENCİ