Turkish Neurosurgery
Co-innervation of triceps brachii muscle with variant branch of ulnar nerve
1University of Health Sciences, Gulhane Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anatomy, Ankara,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.22126-17.2

Aim:The aim of this study was to evaluate the existence of nerve innervation of the triceps brachii muscle via ulnar nerve and its clinical importance in terms of nerve transfer or susceptibility to iatrogenic injuries during surgical procedures.Material and Methods:35 skeletally mature upper extremities of adult cadavers were included in the present study. Ulnar nerve was revealed from medial cord to the distal of cubital fossa. Existence of the branches of the ulnar nerve and communicant branch of the radial nerve was examined in the brachium. Diameter and length of the variant nerve branches were measured.Results:A nerve branch from ulnar nerve to triceps brachii muscle was found in five of the dissected extremities (14.7%). Mean length and diameter of the variant nerve branch were 20.2mm and 1.46mm, respectively. Mean distance of muscle entry point of the variant nerve branch from bi-condylar line was 8.18 cm.Conclusion:A variant nerve branch via ulnar nerve can innervate the medial head of the triceps brachii at the distal third of the brachium. This variant nerve branch will be under risk of iatrogenic injury during elbow surgery and it seems to be an option for nerve grafts.

Corresponding author : Sedat DEVELI