Turkish Neurosurgery
A Novel Modular Dynamic Stabilization System for the Treatment of Degenerative Spinal Pathologies
Ali Fahir Özer1, Orhun Mete Çevik2, Deniz Ufuk Erbulut3, Onur Yaman1, Salim Şentürk1, Tunç Öktenoğlu1, Mehdi Sasani1, Tuncer Süzer1
1Koc University School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, Istanbul,
2Bakirkoy Training and Research Hospital for Psychiatric and Nervous Diseases, Neurosurgery Department, Istanbul,
3Toledo University , Bioengineering and Orthopaedic Surgery Colleges of Engineering Departments, Toledo,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.23227-18.1

Background: The Orthrus modular dynamic stabilization system is a new instrumentation system intended for degenerative diseases of the lumbar spine. The system is designed to provide an alternative to fusion in lumbar degenerative diseases. The study is also aimed to show the preliminary clinical results which shows the system provides better results than the readily available dynamic systems. Materials and Method: The system utilizes two different types of screws that can be used in conjunction with different types of rods such as titanium, carbon fiber or PEEK. The first type of screw is a double headed screw to interconnect to the upper and lower level with independent rods. The second type of screw is a sliding screw to be used on a immovable vertebrae that allows movement in two planes on the tip. Results: The system has been used on 36 patients varying from degenerative disc disease to degenerative lumbar scoliosis. Satisfactory results have been obtained in a all 36 patients in the 12 month follow-up period. Conclusion: The Orthrus dynamic system shows better clinical results then the available dynamic systems on the market. It also proves to be similar to the fusion with considerably less postoperative morbidity which makes it a better method to treat adult degenerative spine diseases for carefully chosen patients.

Corresponding author : Ali Fahir Özer