Turkish Neurosurgery
Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Training of Patients Undergoing Lumbar Disc Herniation Surgery
Zühal Erdoğan1, Hülya Bulut1
1Gazi University, Nursing, Ankara,
2Gazi University, Nursing, Ankara,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.26775-19.2

Aim:The identify the effects of computer assisted training schemes provided to patients who have undergone surgical intervention for lumbar disc hernia on their level of knowledge, level of anxiety, problems experienced after discharge, and level of functional incapacity.Material and Methods:The study was performed as a randomized controlled invasive study with a pre-test‒post-test design. The study was conducted with 62 patients, 31 of which were included in the intervention group and 31 in the control group. Training and counselling were provided to the patients included in the intervention group via a training web-site, while a training guidebook with the same content as the website for patients was given to the patients included in the control group. Results:Our study found that, of the patients who have undergone a surgical intervention for lumbar disc hernia, those who were provided computer assisted training were better informed, had better functional capacity, and experienced less anxiety after discharge than those who were only informed through the training guidebook.Conclusion:Computer-assisted training was efficient educational tool for patients undergoing lumbar disc hernia surgery.

Corresponding author : Zühal Erdoğan