Turkish Neurosurgery
Flow Diverter Stents in the Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms Less than 5 mm
Erol Akgul1, Hasan Bilen Onan2, Sabriye Sennur Bilgin3, Alican Tahta4, Elmir Khanmammadov5, Fatma Zeynep Gungoren3, Gulhan Ertan3, Cengiz Erol3, Zeki Sekerci6
1Istanbul Medipol University, International School of Medicine, Radiology, Istanbul,
2Cukurova University, School of Medicine, Radiology, Adana,
3Istanbul Medipol University, School of Medicine, Radiology, Istanbul,
4Istanbul Medipol University, Shool of Medicine, Neurosurgery, Istanbul,
5Istanbul Medipol University, International School of Medicine, Neurology, Istanbul,
6Istanbul Medipol University, International School of Medicine, Neurosurgery, Istanbul,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.28762-19.2

Aim:We evaluated the safety and efficacy of flow diverter (FD) stents in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms less than 5 mm.Material and Methods:We treated 66 aneurysms in 43 patients with aneurysms less than 5 mm. Of the patients, 29 were females and 14 males (mean age: 50.2 years). Headache was the most frequent symptom. In 8 patients the aneurysms were recanalized and these had been treated with coils or stent-assisted coiling. All aneurysms were in the anterior circulation. In the treatment, one of the SILK, Pipeline, Derivo or FRED FD stents was used for each patient. Neurointerventional stent medication (double antiplatelet) was used. All patients were investigated for new ischemic lesions with diffusion-weighted imaging one day later. The first follow-up angiogram was planned 3–6 months later. Results:The treatment was technically successful in all patients. Minor complications occurred in 3 patients (7%). In one patient, thrombus inside the SILK was seen and was relieved with tirofiban. The second patient bled from the right common femoral artery entrance, which was operated on. In the third patient, the complication was technical. All patients were discharged without any neurological deficit. The mean follow-up period was 26 (6-52) months. Of the aneurysms, 64 (97.0%) were completely closed.Conclusion:The FD treatment of cerebral, anterior circulation small aneurysms less than 5 mm is effective and safe.

Corresponding author : Erol Akgul