Turkish Neurosurgery
Research progress on the correlation between vitamin D and neurological disorders
Wang Mengjie1, Jin Feng2, Jin Feng3
1Jining Medical University, Clinical college, JiNing,
2Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical University, Department of Neurosurgery, , JiNing ,
3Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging, University of Virginia, Charlottesville,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.34816-21.1

Background Previous studies have shown that vitamin D (VD) is an important steroid derivative in the human body and plays a crucial role in the occurrence and progression of stroke, epilepsy, and cognitive dysfunction. This article reviews the correlation between VD and several common neurological disorders with the aim of providing directions and ideas for using VD to treat neurological disorders. Methods VD, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, stroke, epilepsy, and cognitive dysfunction were used as keywords. The PubMed and Embase databases were searched for articles published from 2010 to 2021. The inclusion criteria were as follows: clear introduction of the research sample, detailed explanation of the sample selection in the research, intervention, and control measures, and available odds ratio and 95% confidence interval. The exclusion criteria were as follows: duplicate reports, defects in research design and poor quality, incomplete data and unclear results, and unmodifiable errors in the statistical method. Results Initially, 1,360 articles were retrieved from the PubMed and Embase databases. Finally, 83 articles were included, 76 of which were published within the last 5 years. Conclusion VD deficiency is very common in the population and is associated with a variety of neurological diseases. VD, a neuroactive steroid, plays an important role in the protection of the central nervous system. In contrast, stroke can cause epilepsy and varying degrees of changes in cognitive function. Furthermore, seizure and epilepsy can cause changes in cognitive function. The degree of alteration in cognitive function affects the occurrence and progression of stroke and epilepsy. Therefore, VD can be used for the comprehensive treatment of neurological diseases.

Corresponding author : Jin Feng