Turkish Neurosurgery
Stereological study on the effect of carnosine on of Purkinje cells in the cerebellum of rats exposed to 900 MHz electromagnetic field
Ayla Arslan 1, Niyazi Acer2, Hakan Kesici3, Mehmet Fatih Sönmez 4, Tolga Ertekin 5, Murat Gültekin 6, Ulvi Dagdelen 7, Ömer Galip Saracoğlu8
1University of Erciyes School of Medicine, Anatomy , Kayseri,
2University of Arel School of Medicine, Anatomy , İstanbul ,
3University of Gaziosmanpasa School of Medicine, Histology and Embrylogy, Tokat,
4University of Erciyes School of Medicine, Histology and Embrylogy, Kayseri,
5University of Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences School of Medicine, Anatomy , Afyonkarahisar,
6University of Erciyes School of Medicine, Neurology, Kayseri,
7University of Erciyes School of Engineering, Electrical Electronics Engineering, Kayseri,
8University of Erciyes School ofEngineering , Electrical Electronics Engineering, Kayseri,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.35313-21.2

Aim:Aim: Electromagnetic fields have been known to reduce the number of Purkinje neurons in the cerebellum, whereas carnosine has been known to protect them. This study aimed to evaluate the impact of carnosine on Purkinje neurons in rats exposed to a 900 Mhz electromagnetic field.Material and Methods:Material and methods: This study evaluated 24 rats divided into the following three different groups: a control group, a group exposed to the electromagnetic field, and a group that was injected with carnosine while being exposed to the electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field group was exposed to a 900 Mhz electromagnetic field for an hour daily over 28 days. Thereafter, stereological analysis was performed histologically on cerebellar sections, and the number of Purkinje cells were counted.Results:Results: The electromagnetic field group had remarkably fewer Purkinje cell compared to control. The electromagnetic field group plus 20 mg of carnosine had significantly more total Purkinje cells compared to the electromagnetic field group (p < 0.05).Conclusion:Conclusion: The present study showed that electromagnetic field exposure decreases the number of Purkinje cell, whereas carnosine protected the cerebellum from neural damage induced by electromagnetic field exposure.

Corresponding author : Ayla Arslan