Turkish Neurosurgery
Medical liability in Neurosurgery. Greek courts decisions analysis.
Lampros Tzoumas1, Evangelia Samara1, Konstantinos Tzoumas1, Arian Lenas1, Georgios Papadopoulos1
1University of Ioannina, Department of Anesthesiology and Postoperative Intensive Care, Ioannina,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.37341-21.1

Aim:The purpose of the research was to assess the current situation regarding medical liability in Neurosurgery in Greece, the involvement of Anesthesiologists in court decisions, the impact of court cases and decisions, the time until the final decision, and the relationship between these issues and judicial results.Material and Methods:Published court decisions of criminal, civil, administrative and disciplinary content were searched in legal information banks, from 1985 to 2021.Results:A total of 52 court decisions were retrieved, 11 criminal court cases and 10 civil cases, involving 7 cases of negligent homicide and 14 bodily injuries were retrieved. The duration of litigation in 17 cases was 5.5 years, while in 4 cases the duration was 14.5 years. The average compensation paid was € 101,701.Conclusion:Neurosurgery has a relatively small number of reported complaints of medical negligence compared to other surgical specialties in Greece. Complications of spinal surgeries represent the majority of court cases. There is a need for immediate judicial - legislative reform of the framework for seeking medical liability of doctors.

Corresponding author : Evangelia Samara