Turkish Neurosurgery
Murat Kocaoğlu1, Feridun Acar2
1Hatay Training and Research Hospital, Neurosurgery Department, HATAY,
2Odak Hospital, Neurosurgery Department, DENİZLİ,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.37725-22.5

Aim:Tentorium Cerebelli collects both infra and supratentorial venous circulation. It is a venous junction with its anatomical characteristics. In addition to the major sinuses, tentorial venous sinuses are also located at this junction. Knowledge about the presence of these sinuses and their importance in surgical practice is limited. Thus, this study aimed to present the configuration of the tentorial venous sinuses and determine the optimal incision zone on the Tentorium Cerebelli.Material and Methods:This study has been completed with 24 autopsied cadavers. For every cadaver, firstly, supratentorial tissues were removed and tentorial measurements were noted, superior part of the tentorial sinuses was captured, and then infratentorial tissues were removed, and all the sinuses were checked and captured.Results:Average age of the studied 24 fresh cadavers was 50 years, wherein 4 were females and 20 were males. Tentorial sinus was presented in 87% of the cases, with 45% medial, 33% lateral, and 22% in the middle third of each tentorium half.Conclusion:This study showed the pattern, incidence, location, and distribution of tentorial venous sinuses and tried to find the optimum incision zone by identifying sparse areas for the venous sinuses during transtentorial surgical approaches.

Corresponding author : Murat Kocaoğlu