Turkish Neurosurgery 2007 , Vol 17 , Num 4
A Rare Cause of “Foot Drop”: Spinal Epidural Brucella Granuloma
1,2,3S.B. Ankara Etlik İhtisas Hospital, Neurosurgery Department, Ankara, Turkey
4S.B. Ankara Eğitim Hospital, Infectious Diseases Department, Ankara, Turkey
Spinal epidural abscess is rare but serious medical condition which may cause permanent neurological deficits, or even death, if not treated. Staphylococcus aureus is the responsible microorganism in most spinal abscess cases. However, rarely other microorganisms like Brucella may be responsible. Brucellosis, a zoonotic infection endemic in the Mediterranean Region, Middle East; and South and Central America, most frequently involves the reticuloendothelial and musculoskeletal systems. Vertebral involvement is rarely seen; and its differential diagnosis is rather difficult. Spondylodiscitis and rarely spinal abscess or development of a granuloma are the main pathologies. Spinal epidural granulomas due to brucellosis may cause neurologic deficits. In this case presentation, a spinal epidural brucella granuloma causing foot drop is discussed taking other reports into account. Keywords : Brucellosis, Foot drop, Spinal epidural abscess, Spinal epidural granuloma
Corresponding author : Ahmet Acıduman, ahmetaciduman@yahoo.com