Turkish Neurosurgery 2008 , Vol 18 , Num 4
Lumbar Spinal Chondroma Presenting with Radiculopathy: Case Report
Ahmet ÇETİNKAL1, Göksel GÜVEN2, Ali Kıvanç TOPUZ3, Ahmet ÇOLAK4, Mehmet Nusret DEMİRCAN5, Aptullah HAHOLU6
1,2,3,4,5GATA Haydarpaşa Training Hospital, Neurosurgery Department, Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey
6GATA Haydarpaşa Training Hospital, Pathology Department, Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey
Chondroma is a very unusual cartilagenous neoplasm of the spine. Here we are present a case of spinal chondroma with radiculopathy. A 54-year-old female patient consulted with progressive low back pain and left femoral numbness. Lumbar spinal Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging studies showed an extradural mass lesion in the left L2 body. Computerized tomography (CT) did not reveal any osteolytic lesion of the bone. The mass lesion was excised totally by left partial hemilaminectomy and the intradural compartment was also checked. The histopathology of the lesion was confirmed as chondroma. Preoperative evaluation and meticulous pathological analysis are required because of the malignant transformation potential of these rare pathologies. Keywords : Chondroma, Spine, Lumbar, Radiculopathy
Corresponding author : Ahmet Çetinkal, acetinkal@yahoo.com