Turkish Neurosurgery
Pregabalin Does Not Cause Midline Closure Defects But It Is Not As Innocent As Thought
Kutsal Devrim Seçinti1, Recep Eken1, İlke Evrim Seçinti2, Kasım Zafer Yüksel1
1Sutcu Imam University, Neurosurgery, Kahramanmaraş,
2Mustafa Kemal University, Pathology, Hatay,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.30907-20.1

Aim:Pregabalin binds specifically to α2-δ subunits of voltage gated Ca++ channels. Tissues which are rich in these subunits are the target for possible effects and side effects of Pregabalin. The effect of Pregabalin used during pregnancy was investigated on chicken embryo model against causing neural tube closure defect and other potential effects on other organ systems which are rich in α2-δ subunits.Material and Methods:Fertilized chicken eggs were divided in to groups and different doses of pregabalin was administered. All embryos were harvested in the 8th day of incubation and investigated both macroscopically and microscopically against any developmental malformations caused by Pregabalin. Results:Macroscopically not any malformations were detected but macrosomia was statistically significant in medium and high dose groups. Microscopically, vertebral lamina ossification was delayed in some embryos in high dose group but not interpreted as midline closure defect and also not statistically significant. Decrease in the number of renal glomerulus and increase in the tubular damage was statistically significant in medium and high dose groups. Cardiomegaly was also found in some embryos in middle and high dose groups but not statistically significant. Conclusion:The use of Pregabalin does not cause neural tube closure defect in the embryo unless not exceed recommended maximum dose. Causing macrosomia instead of developmental retardation by Pregabalin is in conflict with the literature. This study revealed that Pregabalin causes fetal nephrotoxicity and macrosomia. These findings indicate that the use of Pregabalin in pregnancy still needs to be accounted as suspicious.

Corresponding author : Kutsal Devrim Seçinti