Turkish Neurosurgery
Shennao Fuyuan Decoction Mitigates Neuronal Autophagy Following Cerebral Ischemia through Downregulation of MicroRNA-210
Liu Kan 1, Tang Ning 1, Zhu Xinhua 1, Wang Jinxi 2, Yao Xinyan 1, Zhang Tiantian 3, Qi Jing 1
1the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Department of Neurology, Changsha,
2the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Center for Medical Research and Innovation, Changsha,
3Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Department of Neurology, Changsha,
DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.45111-23.3

Aim:To explore the potential mechanism of Shennao Fuyuan Decoction underlying autophagy following cerebral ischemia.Material and Methods:The rat model of middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) was established and administrated Shennao Fuyuan Decoction intragastrically. Neurological function and cerebral infarct volume were assessed using neurological deficit scores and TTC staining, respectively. Western blot analysis was employed to evaluate the expression levels of Cyt-C, Caspase-9, Caspase-3, BDNF, and bFGF in ischemic brain tissues. The number of HGF- and TGF-β-positive cells was examined through immunohistochemistry. The neuronal injury and autophagy markers (LC3Ⅱ and Beclin-1) were also assessed. miR-210 expression was determined by RT-qPCR. Combined treatment with miR-210 agomir and Shennao Fuyuan Decoction was administered to MCAO rats to explore their relationship and actions in the context of cerebral ischemia.Results:In MCAO rats, Shennao Fuyuan Decoction decreased neurological deficits and infarct volume, downregulated Cyt-C, Caspase-9, and Caspase-3, upregulated BDNF and bFGF, and increased the number of HGF-/TGF-β-positive cells, as well as reduced neuronal injury and LC3Ⅱ/Beclin-1 levels. Additionally, miR-210 appeared highly expressed in MCAO rats. Mechanistically, Shennao Fuyuan Decoction diminished miR-210 expression to extenuate neuronal autophagy and ischemic brain injury. Conclusion:Shennao Fuyuan Decoction mitigates neuronal autophagy and brain injury following cerebral ischemia by downregulating miR-210.

Corresponding author : Qi Jing