Turkish Neurosurgery 2006 , Vol 16 , Num 4
Cystic Meningiomas: Report of Three Cases
Mehmet TATLI1, Aslan GÜZEL2, H. Murat GÖKSEL3
1,2Department of Neurosurgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Dicle, Diyarbakır, Turkey
3Department of Neurosurgery, Bayındır Medical Center, Ankara, Turkey
Although intracranial meningiomas are usually solid and firm tumours, some are associated with diagnostically confusing cysts. In this article, we present our experience from three of our patients with cystic meningiomas and discuss the characteristics of these lesions. We detected type two cysts in our first and third cases, and a type one cyst in the second case, according to the Nauta classification. Contrast enhancement of the cyst wall was detected in our third case and an atypical meningioma was diagnosed histopathologically. We conclude that the contrast enhancement of the cyst wall might be a predictive factor for a malignant meningioma. The cyst wall should be completely removed in these patients to prevent tumour recurrences. Keywords : Cystic meningioma, intracranial tumours, glial tumour, metastatic tumour
Corresponding author : Mehmet Tatlı, mtatli@dicle.edu.tr