Turkish Neurosurgery 2013 , Vol 23 , Num 6
Subdural Hematoma Associated with Skull and Dural Metastasis of Gastric Carcinoma: A Case Report
Tri-Service General Hospital, Department of Neurological Surgery, Taipei City, Thaiwan, Province of China DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.3696-10.3 Skull bone metastasis from the gastric cancer is a rare. We reported a 52-year-old male proven to have stomach cancer and who underwent subtotal gastrectomy 5 months previously. Within the past 2 weeks, he experienced headache and dizziness followed by weakness of the left lower limb. A diagnosis of right chronic subdural hematoma (SDH) was made, and a burr hole was performed for drainage of the hematoma. However, 5 days later, the patient had sudden loss of consciousness without external evidence of trauma to the head. An emergency computed tomography (CT) scan revealed a high-density lesion consistent with an acute SDH on the right side. Histologically, metastasis of gastric adenocarcinoma was detected in both the dura mater and skull. It is suggested that the SDH was caused by the rupture of vessels in the metastasis or rupture of the inner dural vessels, possibly resulting from congestion of the outer vessels. Keywords : Gastric carcinoma, Calvarial metastasis, Dural metastasis, Subdural hematomas
Corresponding author : Ma Hsın -ı, neuronsugery@hotmail.com