Turkish Neurosurgery 1990 , Vol 1 , Num 4
Ziya AKAR, Emin ÖZYURT, Bulent CANBAZ, Cengiz KUDAY, Ertugrul SAYIN, Murat HANCI
İstanbul University. Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Department of Neurosurgery İstanbul/ TURKİYE Forty-eight patients with intraorbital pathologies treated surgically and the literature are reviewed.

Fifty percent of the patients (28 male and 20 female) were between one and 20 years old. 26 cases had right and 22 left exophthalmus. 23 cases had 2nd. 3rd. 5th. and 6th nerve palsies. In 15 cases chemosis and in 13 cases pain (around the orbit) were observed. Pathological findings on plain x-ray were found in only 26 cases. In 33 (68.75%) cases tumoural and in 15 (3l.25%) cases nontumoural pathology was found. Orbital unroofing, lateral orbitotomy, percutaneous needle puncture and embolisation were the treatments used. Keywords : Orbit, orbital disseases. orbital tumours

Corresponding author : Ziya Akar