Turkish Neurosurgery 2014 , Vol 24 , Num 5
Gross Total Resection of Large Cervical Intramedullary Ependymoma: Demonstration of Microsurgical Techniques
Ulas CIKLA, Chiristopher BAGGOTT, Mustafa BASKAYA
University of Wisconsin, Neurological Surgery, Madison, Wisconsin, USA DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.12603-14.0 In adolescents and young adults, ependymomas are the most common intramedullary tumors in the spinal cord.These tumors arise from ependymal cell lining the ventricles and spinal canal. The clinical presentation of intramedullary ependymomas are variable and nonspecific. They usually present with diffuse back or neck pain as a chief complaint. Upper and lower motor neuron deficits, numbness which typically progresses from distal to proximal, are other common symptoms. Gross total resection of ependymomas can achieve long-term tumor control with preservation of function. Here we present a 29-year old man who presented with progressive weakness of the left leg, bowel and bladder incontinence. During surgery, somatosensory evoked potentials (SSEPs) and motor evoked potentials (MEPs) were used and we achieved gross total resection while preserving the spinal cord. The patient made excellent recovery and all of his preoperative deficitis improved completely. He returned to work on postoperative 2-month. Keywords : Ependymoma, Microsurgery, Intramedullary tumor
Corresponding author : Mustafa K. Baskaya, m.baskaya@neurosurgery.wisc.edu