Turkish Neurosurgery 2015 , Vol 25 , Num 1
The Effect of Amifostine on Pathophysiological Changes in Vasogenic Brain Edema Induced by an Experimental Cold Injury Model
Kemal CENGIZ1, Ethem GOKSU1, Arzu CENGIZ2, Ozlem OZSOY3, Ruken TAN3, Necdet DEMIR4, Inanc GURER5, Saim KAZAN1
1Akdeniz University, School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, Antalya, Turkey
2Akdeniz University, School of Medicine, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Antalya, Turkey
3Akdeniz University, School of Medicine, Department of Physiology, Antalya, Turkey
4Akdeniz University, School of Medicine, Department of Histology and Embryology, Antalya,Turkey
5Akdeniz University, School of Medicine, Department of Pathology, Antalya, Turkey
DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.9293-13.0 AIM: To investigate the effects of amifostine, a cytoprotective agent, on pathophysiological changes in vasogenic brain edema induced by an experimental cold injury model and to compare these changes with dexamethasone.

MATERIAL and METHODS: A total of 138 rats divided into 6 groups. Brain water content (BWC), malondialdehyde (MDA) concentration and myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity in brain tissue were calculated to evaluate the pathophysiological changes following experimental cold injury. In addition, effects of cold injury on cell structure were assessed with direct light and transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

RESULTS: Extent of edema, MDA and MPO levels were significantly higher in cold injury groups than in controls. Although a decrease was noted in these parameters in both the amifostine and dexamethasone groups, the differences were significant only for MDA concentration in dexamethasone group, and for MPO activity in both groups. In addition, there was a significant difference between the group in which amifostine was administered prior to cold injury and dexamethasone group for MPO activity. Histopathologically, positive effects were observed in treatment groups.

CONCLUSION: Despite several positive effects of amifostine, its superiority to dexamethasone could not be clearly demonstrated. Further experimental and clinical studies are warranted to better delineate the neuroprotective effects of amifostine. Keywords : Amifostine, Cold injury, Rat, Vasogenic edema

Corresponding author : Ethem Goksu, ethemgoksu@mynet.com