Turkish Neurosurgery 1994 , Vol 4 , Num 4
Ümit ACAR1, Ünal KİRİŞOĞLU1, Cengiz ÖZDEMİR1, Şerafettin CANDA2
1Dokuzeylül University Medical Faculty Departments of Neurosurgery, Inciraltı, Izmir- Turkey
2 Dokuzeylül University Medical Faculty Departments of Pathology, Inciraltı, Izmir- Turkey
Among 98 surgically-treated intracranial meningiomas, 12 (% 12.2) patients with atypical and anaplastic meningiomas are reviewed. All were operated between 1983-1994. Out of 12 patients, 7 (58%) had malignant meningioma and 5 (42%) showed atypical features histopathologically. Tumours in eight patients were recurrences, most in grade 3 resected patients, showing the importance of the grade of the surgical resection. Cases were reviewed according to their clinical, histopathological and radiological findings and survivals in the light of the literature. Keywords : Atypical and malignant, meningiomas, radiation, recurrence
Corresponding author : Ümit Acar