Turkish Neurosurgery 2000 , Vol 10 , Num 1-2
Tülin ALKAN1, Ender KORFALI2
1Department of Physiology, Uludağ University School of Medicine, Bursa
2Department of Neurosurgery, Uludağ University School of Medicine, Bursa
During the last decade it has been repeatedly demonstrated that mild to moderate hypothermia (30-34 º C) reduces neurological injury in animal models of focal or global ischemia, and of traumatic injury. This has led to renewed interest in the application of hypothermia for managing head injury, stroke, cardiac arrest and for undertaking aneurysm surgery. In this article, we review the relevant literature and presented our experience with cases of intracerebral hemorrhage treated under hypothermia. Keywords : Aneurysm surgery, hypothermia, intracerebral hemorrhage, neuronal protection
Corresponding author : Tülin Alkan, talkan@uludag.edu.tr