Turkish Neurosurgery 2007 , Vol 17 , Num 2
Transorbital Brain Injury By A Metallic Fragment: A Case Report
Mehmet SEÇER, Mehmet Fikret ERGÜNGÖR, Ali DALGIÇ, Hilmi Önder OKAY, Ergun DAĞLIOĞLU, Osman Arıkan NACAR
Ankara Numune Educational and Training Hospital, II. Neurosurgery Clinic, Ankara, Turkey Because of anatomical configuration of the orbit, the brain can be damaged by penetrating transorbital injuries. At first sight, this type of trauma can be thought of as a solitary eye trauma. In this paper, we report a case who suffered from brain injury by a metallic foreign body which passed into the brain through the orbit. He was operated on urgently at two stages and there was no complication after 14 months of follow-up. Any neurological deficit or deterioration of consciousness would be marked. These types of injuries have to be evaluated systemically. Finally, detailed history, neuroradiological investigations, early surgical exploration and multidisciplinary studies are very important to obtain a good outcome. Keywords : Transorbital injury, Brain, Penetrating, Surgery
Corresponding author : Ali Dalgıç, dalgica@superonline.com